A Thousand Acres of Light (Poem by Maurya Simon)

A Thousand Acres of Light (Poem by Maurya Simon)
A Thousand Acres of Light by Maurya Simon Light in the Heights (monoprint collage) by Polly Castor)

A Thousand Acres of Light

I do not like to think about my life,
one lived too often without original fire.

I would rather walk among the serious trees,
hooded by important weather, by immense silences.

I’d rather unravel the wind’s calligraphies,
letter by letter, and spell myself into the world,

a glittering altar of atoms, all aswirl.
Who can know what will happen to each of us,

as time’s currents bend and assail us,
as gravity pulls us further into ourselves?

Better to be buoyed skyward, to modestly reach out
to the palaver of raindrops, to the silky leaves,

so that the air’s amazement stirs an answering
ripple among my own heavy branches.

Let me lose myself in the star’s mute company,
among the steady wanderers of night

whose eyes ignite a cupola of yearnings.
Crown me with a wreath of stars unmoored

from desire, untampered by this ache
for a blaze beyond the tremor of my fingertips.


by Maurya Simon

A Thousand Acres of Light by Maurya Simon Light Infused Forest (monoprint collage) by Polly Castor
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  1. Sue+Krevitt 2 years ago

    Ah, yes, Maurya writes longingly of humanity’s “immortal cravings,
    the price of learning love,” as Mary Baker Eddy explains this well-known feeling….

    Wonderful paintings, Polly ~~Such JOYfull expressing!!

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