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  • Our Lace Hydrangea

    By on June 30, 2011

    When a friend ripped this out of her yard years ago we took it on and are so glad...

  • Two New Big Doodles

    By on June 29, 2011

    I love to doodle while I’m listen to something else. Here are two recent doodles of mine… 12” x...

  • New Poem by me: A Pentecostal Vibe

    By on June 28, 2011

      A Pentecostal Vibe We are the body of Christ (and members in particular) with all its necessary parts...

  • Recipe: My Vegetable Lasagna

    By on June 27, 2011

      I’ve cooked this lasagna enough in the last 27 years to call it “my” lasagna, even though it...

  • Crystal Lake Camp and Mountain Laurel

    By on June 26, 2011

    I just dropped my son off at Crystal Lake Camp for two weeks of “Leadership Training” (extended canoe, backpacking...

  • Today’s Newspaper Article by me: (Christian Science and Doctors)

    By on June 25, 2011

    I am a regular contributor to the Danbury News Times Forum on Faith column, which is also picked up...

  • Bananagram Mania

    By on June 24, 2011

    We’ve been playing Bananagrams often since we started six months ago, many days a week playing it after a...

  • The Charter Oak

    By on June 23, 2011

    I love this story about how here in Connecticut they hid the charter in an oak tree, but I...

  • Photos of People I Don’t Know

    By on June 22, 2011

    I can’t help it: I love people. One way or another, I collect them wherever I go. The quartet...

  • Printmaking by David Driskell

    By on June 21, 2011

    I loved this retrospective of printmaker David Driskell!

  • I Hosted my First Used Curriculum Sale

    By on June 20, 2011

      I have a good friend Christine (of The Thinking Mother Blog – click here) who is moving to...

  • New Poem by me: My Dad

    By on June 19, 2011

      My Dad He met my mom (his deeply cherished wife of 63 years) in high school Latin class;...