Artist Journal Page Spreads Painted on Monhegan

Artist Journal Page Spreads Painted on Monhegan
Monhegan and Manana from Lighthouse Hill by Polly Castor

I painted two pastels each full day on the island, but did these in my new artist journal on the days we came and went by the ferry. My approach here is more meditative than anything else, just marinating in being there, storing it all up for when I am not. An actual painting I would approach very differently.

These are done from a mixture of watercolor, gouache and ink, from my little travel kit shown here.  The new artist journal is by Windsor & Newton, 5″x7″ landscape shaped, with heavy watercolor paper, which does not buckle or bleed through. I’m a new fan of these, but they are hard to come by; I ordered mine from Australia, and got a bigger one too for more abstract work.

Monhegan artist journal pages Water Glint from Lobster Cove by Polly Castor
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  1. John+gregory 8 months ago

    Love these.

  2. Meg+Hanson 8 months ago

    I love both of those, especially the first one!

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