Great Bible Workshops Available

Great Bible Workshops Available

Great Bible Workshops Available

As you all know, I’m a fan of my husband. But this is a very unbiased plug for his wonderful, nondenominational, spiritually rich Bible study workshops. I thought you needed to know they are available!

For ten years, he has brought his lifelong, deep study of the Bible to discussion groups of all types: Christian Scientists, churches of other denominations, interfaith groups, and Federal Correctional institutions. He has a knack for reaching his audience right where they are with his thorough understanding of the Bible, while making it fresh, interesting, accessible, and applicable in the lives of his participants.

He has a way of distilling and amplifying Bible themes so that his groups come away with not only a better grasp of that Bible topic, but are more empowered as to how to leverage that in their lives. His workshops are warm and discussion based, undogmatic, inclusive, engaging, and encourage questioning.

The topics currently available are:

  • How to Pray Like Jesus
  • Healings of Jesus
  • The Holy Ghost
  • Angels of the Bible
  • Women of the Bible

Just to give you a teaser, here are some of the things he covers in his How to Pray Like Jesus workshop:

  • Explaining the importance of Jesus’ mindset
  • Exploration of the types of prayer:
    • prayer of command and authority
    • prayer of permission to trust your faith
    • prayer of rebuke
    • prayer of discernment
    • prayer of gratitude
    • prayer of faith
    • prayer of hypocrisy (not recommended)
    • prayer of self-awareness
    • and many more
  • How Jesus prayed before the crucifixion

Please contact him (James Early at if you have a group he can bless with an in-depth, relevant, and useful discussion on the Bible. His fees are reasonable and his participants gratefully return for more.

He also has a blog about the Bible you might appreciate subscribing to:

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  1. Anita 6 years ago

    I follow James blog and really get so much out of it. Wish I were in your part of the country so that I could be a part of one of his groups!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 6 years ago

      Organize a workshop and have him come!

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