New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show (Photos)

New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show (Photos)


Our youngest has been home for spring break and we treated ourselves to an afternoon at the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. You can tell by the multitude of photos that we had an awesome time! The orchids were amazing– so many different varieties, and so many! It was a dazzling way to spend the first day of spring with more snow impending!

This show goes through April if you can get there to see it. We would highly recommend it. Meanwhile, enjoy this abundance of orchid photographs.

IMG_9214  OXWX0208  QJLJ6541  IMG_9259 IMG_9133  IMG_9242  IMG_9258  IMG_9243 IMG_9237  XOAD5671  IMG_9241  IMG_9183  IMG_E9238 IMG_E9205  IMG_E9226  IMG_9235  IMG_E9198  IMG_E9195 IMG_9136  IMG_9163  IMG_9139   IMG_9167  IMG_6690 (1) IMG_9146  IMG_6689 (1)  IMG_9128  IMG_6681  IMG_6687 (1) IMG_9179  IMG_E9219  IMG_E9234  IMG_6673  IMG_E9196 IMG_9185  TGBU2359  IMG_9181  IMG_9170  IMG_9227 IMG_6547  IMG_6409  IMG_6339  IMG_6289  IMG_6379  IMG_6565  IMG_6617 (1)  IMG_6605  IMG_6597  IMG_6554  IMG_6563 IMG_6091  IMG_6087  IMG_6126  IMG_6344  IMG_6561  IMG_6404  IMG_6373 IMG_6581  IMG_6342  IMG_6120  IMG_6600  IMG_6300  IMG_6235  IMG_6384  IMG_6568  IMG_6373  IMG_6403 IMG_6288  IMG_6104  IMG_6230  IMG_6106  IMG_6265  IMG_6218

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  1. Gorgeous! Many thanks for the orchid image. Such colour and variety- lovely, inspiring photos, Polly ( and good company!) xo Ruth

  2. Christine 6 years ago

    Wow, wow, WOW! :-)

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