Photos of Our Garden Harvest 2017

Photos of Our Garden Harvest 2017

Photos of Our Garden Harvest 2017

Our garden had another prolific year, although we spent very little time on it. We had bumper crops of both peaches (blogged about here) and beets (blogged about here). We also had lots of berries, tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, and herbs galore. We had much more than I photographed here.

Each day, part of meal prep for me was picking food– just out my front door– that we would eat that day. It was particularly hard to keep up with the raspberries and tomatoes! Last Saturday, we harvested the remaining tomatoes for this season (photo above) and froze them for future winter delights.

Check out a small fraction of our garden produce this year in this post. We especially enjoyed those crisp, thick walled red bell peppers raw with guacamole. Our daughter picked our blackberries and made jam. We nibbled on raspberries all season long. With our tomatoes we made lots of Easy Roasted Tomato Soup, as well as Tomato Tarts as shown below.

How did your gardens do this year?

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