Plein Air Oil Painting on the Humid Hudson

Plein Air Oil Painting on the Humid Hudson

Polly Castor Plein Air painting, Humid Hudson, view from Boscobell

As mentioned here before, I joined the Hudson Valley Plein Air Society with the intent of painting with them starting this fall; today was my first excursion with this group. We went to Boscobell with its incredible view of the Hudson. On a day that was 97 and so humid schools here were sending kids home early, we were painting outside, so everyone found some shade. I was under the next tree over to the right of the photo below, looking at a different angle on the valley below. This painting is small (6″ x 8″) and was done rather quickly in about two hours. Armed with watermelon and ice water, I had fun, and hope to return to this spot again this fall to paint the view under other conditions.


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  1. deborah 9 years ago

    what a beautiful spot! love the painting too!

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