Finally Meeting Blog Reader Deborah

Finally Meeting Blog Reader Deborah

meeting blog readers

While many of my blog readers I know, there are more and more everyday that I don’t know. Deborah, shown here, is one of those long-time faithful blog readers of mine that I had never met until now. She has been a such a good responder directly to me (and now in the comments on the updated website) over many years, that I feel I have come to know her, even though I had never seen her.

I knew she was out there in America’s heartland somewhere, so when I knew I was driving through, I made arrangements to meet her. I am so complimented that she took the time to drive an hour and a half each way to meet us for lunch along highway 70 in Kansas! We had a lovely time. She has a fabulous accent from Belfast, Ireland, is the mother of four grown children, and is really enjoying a budding prison ministry (which I didn’t know about before and which she has in common with my husband).

Although commenting directly to me is fine, and I explained many of you are used to responding that way, Deborah wants to encourage you all to respond now, instead, in the comments on the actual blog. She looks forward to a time when readers are less shy about that and more accustomed to it. I agree because I know what a wonderful community of readers I have, all interesting, wise, intelligent and sincere. We want to hear from you! So here on this post you can get a sense of what my “unknown readership” looks like. Not very intimidating, eh?

Meanwhile, it was a pleasure to finally meet you Deborah, and to count you among my friends!






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  1. Kami 9 years ago

    Thanks so much for taking us on your journey with you! How fabulous that you got to meet a long-time blog reader for the first time. (Sounds like a nice way to break up I-70, for sure.)
    I’m looking forward to getting to know fellow blog readers a little through this new comment feature.

  2. Deborah 9 years ago

    Polly, I feel so privileged to finally have my spot starring in one of your blogs…. Yippee! It was super fun to meet you face to face and to meet Laura, whose life journey along with your other children you have shared so unselfishly with us. Look forward to seeing how the rest of your epic journey unfolds!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 9 years ago

      It was great to meet you too!


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