Mothers Day 2015

Mothers Day 2015



Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’ve had a lovely day.

I had a really nice day in beautiful sunny 80 degree weather. I got up early and read outside on the front porch in the mild fresh air before church. During church, I thought of God as our collective Mother, and how all of us have not only our human mothers to be grateful for but God too! After church, we went out to brunch, worked in the garden, and ended up at the ever popular Ferris Acres for their fabulous ice cream with friends. The line was long, but everyone was congenial about it and in a celebratory mood.

On Mother’s Day it has become a tradition to add to our garden in some way, so instead of getting annuals as we sometimes do, we planted raspberry bushes and two peach trees near our front corner where we lost our towering evergreens (see here and here). We have one peach tree on the back of the house that has done really well (see here), so we are now looking forward to a crop large enough to freeze, so we can have them all year. And the raspberries are a hopeful experiment to see if we can grow for ourselves one of the expensive items on my grocery list.

This is my last Mother’s Day with a kid still at home, which feels odd. Below, you can see a couple candid photos of her today at the ice cream place. I heard from our other two offspring today as well. Our older daughter has been assigned to the Education policy section in her work as a Fiscal and Policy Analyst for the California Legislative Analyst’s Office; she has just moved into a large new office. And today I learned that our son, who is finishing his junior year at Swarthmore, has landed a summer job in an engineering design firm in Philadelphia for the summer, which is great news. I’m proud of these kids and they represent one of the biggest blessings in my life! Thank you, God.














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