Photos of my Kids at the Inauguration

Photos of my Kids at the Inauguration

at the Inauguration

Our older daughter scored two tickets to the inauguration and invited her brother to go with her. He had to write his professors and miss the first day of classes of his new term to go. They had a good time– a memorable moment to be sure. Shown here are some of the photos they took of their day as part of a crowd 1,000,000 strong.

The peaceful transfer of power is always awe inspiring. Watching from home, the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir made me weep and I also thought both Beyonce and the poet laureate nailed their contributions. Regarding the President’s speech, I liked the rhetoric about coming together to get some things done that need to be faced but haven’t been yet. And on Martin Luther King day no less!

The bottom photo shows the inauguration view of a friend of mine’s brother who is a congressman… quite different than my kid’s spot. But there were many without tickets, all the way down the mall to the Washington monument. My view from the couch was best of all, and my favorite moment was when President Obama exited the stage he placidly hovered for a while in the doorway alone as people streamed past him, drinking in deeply the whole scene before him and storing it deep in his heart as a reserve to be drawn from later…


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