Movie Review: Lemon Tree

Movie Review: Lemon Tree

lemon tree movie review, lemon tree film

This movie was interesting, and thought provoking.  It reduces the enormity of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict down to the level of a lemon tree.  At this scale it is clearly unnecessary and absurdly understandable, while deeply dishonoring to both sides. 

The film reveals this fact clearest to the women involved, who would be happy to simply learn to be good neighbors.  This is a dramatization of a true story where feminine courage was displayed on both sides.  It is a bit slow going, and has subtitles, but you’ll be glad to have seen it. I give it four stars.

Lemon tree movie review, the lemon tree movie

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  1. Samdi 9 years ago

    If you liked the movie, I think you would like the book. The movie does not follow the book very closely. The book gets more into the nitty-gritty of trying to have a genuine friendship between a Palestinian and an Israeli. How they struggle to maintain that friendship through individual crises. It’s a good read.

    Interesting site. Thanks for sharing so many facets of your interests!

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