This Year’s Homeschool Plan

This Year’s Homeschool Plan

Homeschooling books

School is off to a start, albeit a somewhat rocky one. With so many online classes, and with the power outages due to Hurricane Irene on critical days of the first week (not to mention traveling to Michigan) we were put behind from the offset and are scrambling to catch up. Anyway, that should iron out in the next week or so… Below, you can see our class schedule for each kid. The books photographed below show Andrew’s first, followed by Laura’s. All this will be no small undertaking, accomplished at considerable cost, although I saved a huge amount of money buying used textbooks.

Andrew’s Senior year in High School (all online classes):

His extracurriculars are: the FIRST Robotics Team, a pottery class, 4H, Kid’s Forum Presentation Club, Sunday School and NLC (National Leadership Council church youth group.)

(Andrew also does some college admissions testing this fall and applies to colleges mid-year…)

Laura’s Ninth Grade year in High School

(the bottom four are online classes, all others are facilitated by me):

Her extracurriculars are the FIRST Robotics team, a pottery class, 4H, a ballroom dance class, a country dance class, Kid’s Forum Presentation Club, Sunday School, and NLC (National Leadership Council church youth group.) She also has a job working in the garden at New Pond Farm.

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