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  • We Have Just One Moral Duty

    By on December 15, 2017

    "Ultimately we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves more and more...

  • Stay Present (oprah quote)

    Stay Present (Oprah Quote)

    By on December 8, 2017

    Staying present is the reason, after talking to thousands of people over the years, I still have aha moments....

  • Pay Attention (Quote by Frederick Buechner)

    Pay Attention (Quote by Frederick Buechner)

    By on December 4, 2017

    From the simplest lyric to the most complex novel, literature is asking us to pay attention. Pay attention ...

  • Bits and Clips for November 2017

    Bits and Clips for November 2017

    By on November 30, 2017

    I hope you find something in these categorized links below something that is interesting, illuminating, helpful, or motivating

  • Improve Your Time (quote by Mary Baker Eddy)

    Improve Your Time (quote by Mary Baker Eddy)

    By on November 19, 2017

    "Success in life depends upon persistent effort, upon the improvement of moments more than upon any other one thing.

  • November is a Deep Breath

    November is a Deep Breath

    By on November 15, 2017

    No longer between the seasons, the russet of our gratitude, the bronze of our resilience, the burnt sienna of...

  • Your Ticket to Freedom

    Your Ticket to Freedom (Deepak Chopra quote)

    By on November 5, 2017

    "Where is the soul? Between every thought, we have a little space. That still presence that you feel, that's...

  • I know what wealth is

    I Know What Wealth Is

    By on October 23, 2017

    "These things I know: I have planted a garden, so I know what faith is. I have seen...

  • I have This in Common with Nathaniel Hawthorne (with Photos)

    By on October 17, 2017

    "I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house." Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Lesson of the lamp

    Lesson of the Lamp

    By on October 13, 2017

    If someone says, "That lamp is ugly," that statement actually tells you nothing about the lamp. It does, however,...

  • Charles Kingsley quote

    A Wayside Sacrament (a Charles Kingsley Quote with Photos)

    By on October 8, 2017

    Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. Beauty is God’s hand-writing - a wayside sacrament...

  • You Belong Here (Brené Brown quote)

    You Belong Here (Brené Brown quote)

    By on October 4, 2017

    True belonging and self-worth are not goods; we don’t negotiate their value with the world. The truth about who...