Day 15: Overnight Boat to Newfoundland (and new Campsite)

Day 15: Overnight Boat to Newfoundland (and new Campsite)

Overnight boat to Newfoundland

We were thrilled to be on the overnight boat to Newfoundland. We were among the first to get on and the first off. Check out our cute berth! This is our first bed in two weeks of staying in a tent, and I’ve never showered on a boat before.

On the way to the boat, about an hour away, we did our laundry in an obscure little local place, and saw people there that I thought, “They are going to Newfoundland.” The next morning, as we took the photos of our arrival, yup, there they were on observation deck of the boat. I’d had such clarity about that, even though it was a long shot, and it was fun to see my spiritual sense confirmed.

We had a drive both before and after the boat. In Newfoundland we are headed to Gros Morne National Park. You can also see below our new campsite. Lest you think we are roughing it, I even took a picture inside our tent. We sleep better there than almost anywhere, especially including this boat. Pretty cushy.


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  1. Deborah 5 years ago

    This is bringing tears to my eyes and making me feel so homesick right now. Have taken many ferries! I have to convince my husband to let us do the same trip you have done.

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