Recent Black and White Photographs

Recent Black and White Photographs

contemporary black and white photographs

As much as I love color, I enjoy an ongoing project of taking photos in black and white. They are value and mood studies, studies of shape and form, studies of light and shadow, and sometimes works of art in themselves. In this post are the recent ones I’ve taken.

IMG_2609  IMG_2624  IMG_4325  IMG_4349  IMG_1515  IMG_2597  IMG_4295  IMG_2601  IMG_2620  IMG_4296  IMG_2596  IMG_1243  IMG_4294  IMG_2539  IMG_4290  IMG_4370  IMG_4331  IMG_1077  IMG_2554  IMG_2616  IMG_2594  IMG_1244  IMG_2550  IMG_4342  IMG_2593  IMG_4341  IMG_3366  IMG_4303  IMG_4299  IMG_4285  IMG_2590  IMG_1477  IMG_1877  IMG_3717  IMG_2591  IMG_3727  IMG_2421  IMG_2460 - Version 2  IMG_4232 - Version 2

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  1. Sandi 7 years ago

    Love b&w. There is no better way to photograph lace. I could do a whole show of b&w lace photography.

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