Two Oblong Ceramic Plates I Made for Father’s Day

Two Oblong Ceramic Plates I Made for Father’s Day

Two Oblong Ceramic Plates I Made

Father’s Day is very different with all the children out of state, but this dear man needs to be celebrated nonetheless. Especially since some of the plates I made him got sold out of the display case in my recent one woman show, I gave him replacements to celebrate this special day. He uses these plates everyday for his smorgasbord of a breakfast, and they help him start his day with a smile.

These oblong ceramic plates are meticulously carved in a sgraffito method, in a multistep process that I find very meditative. Several of you have commissioned plates of your own. Fortunately those purchasers have been patient, since this production arc is slow at best. I started the plates shown here for James before Christmas.

Let me know if you want some and we’ll get you in queue, as this is often a six month turnaround! I can accommodate some color and design preferences, and each plate is unique. They are perfect for soup/salad, sandwich/fruit, etc, as a plate, or banana bread, asparagus, etc, as a small platter. Order yours soon, because when I get ahead enough on these to open an Etsy shop for them, their price is going up!

And Happy Father’s Day to all you great dads out there! I’m so grateful for all that you do!

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  1. Mary Jo Beebe 7 years ago

    Polly, I love your plates. Would love to have two.
    What would the cost be?
    Thank you, Mary Jo

  2. Nate Frederick 7 years ago

    I’d like to make an order, too. Also, you have the best bio!

  3. Hi Polly! Yep! Add me in the queu as well! 2 plates please. And I like the colors you used for James’s. Very much. :)


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