Please Pray for the Ukraine

Please Pray for the Ukraine

prayers for Syria

Last September, when I sent out a call to pray for Syria on this blog, we were close to bombing them. Within days of our collective prayer, the situation turned radically around from unexpected directions, and started on the path to resolution.

Now the Ukraine is in dire need of our prayers. If you are unfamiliar with what is going on there, below are some links and a video to help bring you up to speed.  Ukraine is quite possibly on the brink of Civil War.

I care about this situation for all of the obvious reasons any of us should. But also, I lived for seven years with a Ukrainian landlady in NYC, sharing in all her memories and traditions.  Additionally, our son has been passionate about this unfolding drama for quite some time now and has kept us more apprised of the situation there than most people have been. The state of affairs there is escalating desperately fast and needs much prayerful intervention.

Our son writes, “Ukraine update: In the last 48 hours, the situation has deteriorated dramatically. A pact between the government and the opposition where the government promised amnesty to nonviolent protesters has fallen apart; opposition and government have ceased talking for the time being. Police and Berkut units have been given orders to fire at will at protesters, and have been doing so. Government units cleared central squares in Kiev yesterday, but now it is contested again…

(He shared the two photos on this blog including the before/after one below.)

Please join me in prayer for this country and its people.


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