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  • EGO Means Edging God Out

    EGO Means Edging God Out

    By on January 14, 2018

    Here is the important point: what the ego says is fake news! It is never true– simply an erroneous...

  • Photos from Kallie and Kameron's Wedding Day

    Photos from Kallie and Kameron’s Wedding Day

    By on May 21, 2017

    Kallie and Kameron's wedding was lovely. There was so much joy and we all loved being together.

  • Kallie and Kameron's Rehearsal Dinner Photos

    Kallie and Kameron’s Rehearsal Dinner Photos

    By on May 20, 2017

    We flew to Texas for the wedding of Kallie and Kameron. Kallie is a cousin in my husband's large,...

  • How to Truly Belong

    Don’t Be Anything Less

    By on April 26, 2017

    Find someone who sees everything you are and the potential of you.

  • fun in new york city

    Fun in New York City

    By on March 11, 2017

    I spent a lovely couple days last week with blog reader Hallie in New York City. We had...

  • February Flowers Around Our House

    February Flowers Around Our House

    By on February 17, 2017

    It makes me so happy coming downstairs in the morning to such gracious beauty. I am very grateful...

  • a valentine for you

    A Valentine for You

    By on February 14, 2017

    My heart is FULL of appreciation for you! I hope you have a terrific day! Feel cherished because you are!

  • Famous Quotes by Emmet Fox

    Famous Emmet Fox Quotes

    By on January 15, 2017

    "Attention is the key to life. Whatever you really give your attention to, you become. Whatever you really concentrate...

  • Ways to Improve Your Life

    Ways to Improve Your Life

    By on January 3, 2017

    Here is a cursory list of simple ways to improve your life:

  • Connecticut River

    Sun Drenched Evening Along the River

    By on June 19, 2016

    A perfect evening with the father of my children! I am so grateful for our companionability!

  • Jim Palmer Quote, View of Hudson from Boscobel

    Jim Palmer Quote with Boscobel View

    By on June 16, 2016

    These are such simple intentions to carry throughout your day, but their impact is incalculable.

  • Be Fierce and Original

    By on May 24, 2016

    Gustave Flaubert quote