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Reader Responses:

  1.   “Quite unforgettable. You truly have a way with words:  warm; strong; inviting; enlightening; so substantive, and more.”

  2.     “Putting the art of poetry, photography and painting into your hands is God's gift to us who get to read it and see it.  Thanks.”

  3.     “What a fine piece!  You certainly are a shining example of letting your light shine....[it] was uplifting and instructive.  Thanks for sharing.”  

  4.   “I am so totally impressed with your photography, poetry, and painting.  Your talent is incredible!!!”

  5. “Thank you for sharing yourself and creativity in such a transparent way, it is very inspiring and humbling to me.” 

  6. “Everything on your site is so colorful, spiritual and alive!”

  7.   “Thank you for sharing such a personal, and at the same time, universal, love of beauty.”

  8.   “...you encourage me to grow, with your everyday wisdom, and your lovely contributions to this world.  You are so very cherished.”

  9.   “Your site is bolstering my creative thoughts. I need to put them to action.”

  10.   “I so often read your reviews but rarely comment.  Thank you for taking the time to share.  I thoroughly enjoy your blog!”

  11.     “Thanks, Polly.  That was good.  You did a great job of showing that Christian Science can be very relevant.”

  12.   “I get so happy when I see your paintings. I really do. They bring me such joy.  I feel your heart when I see them.  What a beautiful spirit you have, shining right through your source.”

  13. “Thank you for the constant good thoughts and beautiful expressions of love and joy that you share on your blog.  They are uplifting and enlightening, and seem to speak to me just when I need them most.”

  14. “Your photos are so vivid and expressive and inspiring and artistic and alive!”

  15. “I have tremendous admiration for your strength, your depth, your compassion, your passion and your love.  You are a woman deeply filled to the brim...”

  16. “Polly, I am absolutely amazed.  My mouth was watering!  I'll be thinking about it all night...and tomorrow we will break out the paints!”

  17. “I just want to say that I have really been enjoying your blog!  It gives me hope for the world... I also wanted to tell you that the Brussels sprouts were an exceptionally BIG hit here since some members of my family claim they could never like Brussels sprouts.  We enjoyed them roasted so much!  So thanks for sharing all that you do!  You are amazing!  I would like to talk to you sometime about spiritual healing. Could you direct me to more literature on spiritual healing?”

  18. “Thank you for sharing the photographs...I think I like the photographs, and when you write about your family and yourself the best.”

  19. “LOVE it.  Made me smile while I was reading it.”

  20.   “Thanks for sharing from the seat of your soul with generosity and openness.”

  21.   “I wanted you to know that I found the time I spent on your blog to be relaxing, refreshing, inspiring, and plain out enjoyable. You have a very good eye in your photography and your bright colors in your art are invigorating. Clearly you spend a lot of time and energy doing this blog and I thought you should know it is appreciated. They say copying is the highest form of flattery so I thought you'd like to know that I love the idea of your box a day art and I am going to try to start your activity myself to bring peace, inspiration, creativity, and personal joy in my life. Thank you for posting and giving me a new project to work on.  Thank you for being inspirational.”

  22.   “I am a silent regular reader of your daily blog, and I'm finally in touch to tell you how much I like it. I love it! I love the coffee cake from your recipe, I have a book list from your blog, I love the photos, the poems, the paintings, the movie reviews, the humor, the honesty, the color. Thank you.”

  23.   “I truly love and am inspired by so many things you write about in your blog, including capturing the beauty of life in the moment, teaching by example, taking time with children, and spirituality. I loved Andrew's Sentinel article. I was entranced by Virginia's impact on Africa through her volunteering there. On a more metaphysical level, your realizations about weight and body were very helpful.”

  24.    “You are one pretty cool chick!  Thanks again for the recipe.  I have a feeling it will become a favorite here for us too.”

  25.   “You inspire goodness, wholeness, contentedness and joy.”

  26.   “You are doing so wonderfully at praising God with your talents.”

  27.   “Your blog is very interesting and insightful.”

  28.   “I treasure you and your soulfulness.” 

  29.   “Thank you. Now I’m inspired!”

  30.   “I am so touched.”